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You know you’re an Au Pair in the USA when…

…you always introduce yourself with : ‘Hi! my name is (your name), I’m from (country) and I have (amount of children you are taking care of) children!!’
…everybody is greeting you with a ‘Hi.How are you!’ and you can’t respond fast enough, so you say it first!
…you spent all your money in the mall and you still have nothing to wear
…you say silly  instead of stupid
… you think $200 every week just for shopping and Starbucks is not that much
…you go to playdates
…you’ve seen more movies in one month than in your whole life at home
…you drive over 30 minutes to a friend just for a coffee and you think it’s not so far
…you only have other Au Pairs as your friends
…you say ‘like’, 'seriously', 'awsome' and ‘totally’ every three words
…someone has asked you stupid questions like: ‘do you have cars in your country?’ ‘Where is your country?’or "You don't have Thanksgiving??"
…you park as close to the store as possible so you don’t have to walk even one yard too far
…you cherish moments of silence more than ever before
…you notice yourself saying ‘GOOD JOB’ a hundred times a day
…you wonder why you slept the whole night long so uncomfortable and you notice the next morning, you slept on a barbie, a lollypop, sandtoys etc.
… you need to be creative to find new punishments because a time-out doesn’t work anymore
…you have to admit to mistakes you never did or put the blame on you
…you know now exactly how difficult it was for your parents to have little kids and you feel like saying sorry for all you’ve done to your mom and dad every day
…you’ve learned what it means to be patient. very patient.
…you know what a LCC is
…you know that you should never SHAKE A BABY!!! :P
…you take a nap, after you dropped off the kids at school (after being up for just 2h)
…you miss the good old days when you were able to go to the bakery and get real bread w/ real butter
…you don’t walk into the bank, you use the drive-thru to get your money
…you use Purell instead of washing your hands
…you know how to make MAC&Cheese
…you know what PBJ is
…you can list all the parks and playgrounds within 20 miles from your house
…you pick up kids in car line instead of walking to the school
…you can tell the difference between regular carrots and organic carrots
…people are staring at you when you put ketchup on pizza
…you feel murders guilt, when you forget the right snack for the kid
…you can't say "no" any more if your hostmom asks you "could you please...if you get the chance... just if it is no problem"
…you start apologizing for walking by someone in the grocery store
…the kids want something NOW!
…you didn't think that you can carry so much swim/ baseball/ soccer gear at once
…one cup of coffee doesn`t make you awake anymore. it just makes you alive
…you're sure you don't want your own kids within the next 100 years
…you don't care anymore about your looks when you're on duty
…babysitting in the evening means: watch a family movie and put  kids to bed as fast as possible
…you can take the carpools because you have so many kids in the car

and so on....and so on.....

We are not just Au Pairs. 
We are Gremlin Management Specialist.
 /Tekst znaleziony, podkradziony i trochę zmieniony/


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  1. hehe podoba mi się ta lista! ;-))

  2. normalnie jakbym czytała opis swojej własnej osoby :D

  3. niezłe, pare rzeczy się nie zgadza co do Szwajcarii, a pare, co do mnie, ale ogólnie - to cała prawda!

  4. "silly" i "fancy" to słowa o których nie miałam pojęcia zanim tu przyjechałam.
    To prawda 30minut jazdy żeby wypić kawę to już nie problem, wszystko zmieni się jak wrócimy do Polski a tam cena paliwa sprowadzi nas na ziemie.

  5. OMG, wspaniałe! Przynajmniej połowa jest prawdziwa nawet jak się nie jest au pair:) Też Ci ten tekst podkradnę i zamieszczę u siebie po pewnych zmianach- już teraz uprzedzam:)

  6. I love this! so true! I used to be an au-pair in the Bay Area a couple years ago :)

  7. :))) Twoje notki są takie, że aż chce się czytać! Przygotują mnie do rpawdziwego życia jako au pair, pozdrawiam!